EXCLUSIVE RUMOR: Jazze Pha Gets Outted; Producer Dating A Transsexual?! [PHOTOS]


In past reports, “They Say” hit-maker Jazze Pha has been rumored to be a member of Atlanta’s Down Low gay scene and has been spotted out at many social events around Atlanta.

According to inside snitches, the popular producer, who’s worked with Ciara, Ne-Yo, Cee-Lo Green, T.I and Chris Brown, has been dipping his pixie stick in the pools of both men and women and has even bragged about it, because he’s just about that ‘life.’

Now, Jazze is reportedly dating a pre-op transsexual (which means [he/she] still has her man-tools intact) named Shayla Stacks, who recently shared a photo of them all boo’d up with caption, “he keeps me warm.” First obtained by StraightFromTheA:

Here’s what the insider told GWL Mag:

While I think there are some transsexuals that are very attractive some of them have this idea that they are better than real women. Its screwy to me because how can you try to down play real women when thats what you are trying to be? You may be cute but it took lots of pills, thousands of dollars of surgery, make-up and weave to achieve that. The extra-ness and disrespect towards real women is not needed.

This source however has no love for the T.S lifestyle (transphobia), but why do we all like to play god and judge folks on the way they choose to run their life? Is this the example we all want to set for our children and their children?

Food for thought: “We all aim to raise our children in a world free from bias and discrimination, to reach for their dreams and feel that whatever they want to accomplish in life is possible. We want them to feel loved and included and never to experience the pain of rejection or exclusion. But the reality is that we do live in a world in which racism and other forms of bias continue to affect us. Discrimination hurts and leaves scars that can last a lifetime, affecting goals, ambitions, life choices, and feelings of self-worth.”

Anyhow, the source also revealed to us that the Atlanta-born rapper spoils Shayla with “Chanel and Versace outfits along with lavish trips out of state.

Note: Shayla, who posted the photo (above) of herself and Jazze on Instagram this week, has since deactivated her account.

Check out the photos below:


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