IT’S OVER! Wendy Williams FILES FOR DIVORCE … Estranged Husband Kevin Hunter in Disbelief!


Wendy Williams has finally taken a page from her long book of advice and have applied it to her broken marriage.

On Thursday, the “Wendy Williams” talk show host reportedly served her cheating ass husband, Kevin Hunter, with divorce papers around 6:30 a.m., via PageSix.

According to the website, after persistent cheating rumors and breakup buzz plagued their marriage over the years, 54-year-old Wendy has finally had it enough and have vowed to start a new chapter without Hunter.

The divorce news comes after Williams was notably seen without her wedding band early Thursday on her hairstylist’s and makeup artist’s social media pages.

And although she has vaguely addressed her marital woes on her show, [Williams] cryptically telling viewers after she returned from a two-month hiatus that her wedding ring would always stay on her hand.

“I’m still very much in love with my husband,” she said. “Don’t ask me about mine.” Pointing to her wedding ring, Williams added, “It ain’t going anywhere. Not in this lifetime.”

However, her ring apparently did go somewhere. On March 25, upon leaving the sober living facility where she has been staying after receiving help for addiction in Florida (though she previously told viewers she was seeking treatment for her Graves’ disease), the morning show host was spotted without her flashy jewelry.

She appeared to put it back on to tape her show later that day, but an insider had told us it wasn’t her real ring. Infidelity wasn’t the only rumor to swirl about Williams and Hunter’s marriage. Sources previously told The Post that Hunter’s allegedly abusive behavior ultimately led to the unraveling that prompted Williams to relapse. 

“She would hide in the bathroom and tell me to knock on the door when he left the office so she wouldn’t have to see him,” an intern from Williams’ former radio show told The Post, adding that it was common for Hunter to pull Williams into a private room and for staff to hear them fighting. “You’d hear slaps or some type of tussling going on,” said the intern. Williams has been open about her past addiction to cocaine and crack. 

Friends of Williams have publicly expressed concern for her and her poor health as she remained in her seemingly tumultuous marriage, with longtime pal Paul Porter previously telling The Post that divorce was her only hope. Porter, who said he’s talked with Williams a hundred times in the past two years, said Williams’ husband, the executive producer of “The Wendy Williams Show,” is a “control freak” and “a terror.”

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As for getting served with divorce papers, an insider tells GossipWeLove that Hunter is “still in total disbelief” … he has admitted to doing wrong but never thought his wife would really file for divorce. The insider went on to stay, “[Hunter] want to fix his marriage…. 22 years in the run. My boy has tried to reach out to [Williams] but she refuses to hear him out.“…. You can’t blame her!

Williams and Hunter met at a skating rink in 1994, tied the knot three years later and welcomed their son, 19-year-old Kevin Hunter Jr., in 2000. The former lovers also have a foundation called “The Hunter Foundation” in which they co-founded together.

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