Grammy-Award winning artist, Kanye West, sounded very passionate when he responded to the media’s recent comments on his trend-setting wardrobe choices and intense performances.

During the opening night of his Revel Casino concert series, he took a moment to lash out at the negative press with the “Clique” instrumental playing in the background,

It won’t be long before we’re designing sh*t, stores, movies, clothes, operas. It won’t be long now. It won’t be long now. You know the press and the media will try to come up with all of the dumbest sh*t in the world to try to distract y’all from what you’re seeing and experiencing right now but it won’t be long. It won’t be long now. 

And they’ll try to tell you ‘Kanye’s so crazy, so deranged. I ain’t crazy, I’m just not satisfied! I just ain’t satisfied with the sh*t they be feeding y’all on TV. The sh*t they be feeding you in the movies, the sh*t they be giving y’all in the stores. I just want y’all to have more.

He also mentioned the doubt that surrounded him when he was first emerging as an artist and the stereotypes that were used to persuade him not to be a rapper, 

When I was a producer, they told me not to rap. They said, ‘You don’t look gangsta enough, where’s your throwback? Where’s your fitted hat? How the f*ck is you trying to rap? Look at your pants, man, how skinny is that!? What the f*ck makes you think that you could rap?’ Fresh Prince was the first n*gga to win a Grammy, me, John Legend and Common became the Grammy family. Nah mean?

Ye’s performance this weekend in Atlantic City was nothing less than amazing and his desire to revolutionize the current image of hip-hop is evident in his recent performances.

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