Rihanna Joins Drake On Stage; Grinds On The “Young Money” Perv… Can’t Deny The Chemistry?! [PHOTOS]


Despite their many secret rendezvous, 25-year-old Rihanna and “Young Money” rapper Drake was spotted around and about in Paris, including having lunch at a Parisian restaurant and hanging out at nightclubs…. even sleeping together at the same hotel.

Last night, the twosome, who claims they’re just friends, did some bump and grind at Drizzy’s “Would You Like A Tour?” concert at Bercy Arena … infront of 17,000 people …while performing their hit duet “Take Care” — and of course, their undeniable chemistry was all captured on video.

Rihanna’s assistant and best friend Jenn Rosales also got a little of the action when Drizzy called her out on stage:

Watch the performance below:


Well, well, well! Rihanna created quit the stir on Twitter after posting a racy photo of herself posing with Jhene Aiko backstage. Um, don’t you just love the singer’s care free spirit… not caring for the media scrutiny.

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