“Single Ladies” Star Harold House Moore Reveals He Has Crush On LisaRaye McCoy & Talks Being A Shoe Freak


While many think the sexy “Single Ladies” eye-candy (best known as the trouble-making brother Terrence) is gay, actor Harold House Moore recently revealed he has a crush on fellow co-star LisaRaye McCoy.

During an interview with S2S magazine, Moore possessing a fine-tuned fashions sense believes as his style has caught the eye and interest of many ladies, there’s only one lady he has the hots for and that’s Ms. McCoy.

Even though, the two have been thought to be romantically linked since he began working on the show, the actor says; “She is definitely a friend of mine. I mean we all were in and out of each other’s trailers; that’s what cast mates do,” he said. “I’ve crushed on Lisa Raye. What man hasn’t? She’s a beautiful woman.”

As for being a male-fashionista, Moore admits [smiling] he’s a lover of charity and a shoe freak:

“I’ll wear everything from a Rolex to a Diesel watch. I’m [also] a shoe freak. As soon as you walk in my closet you will see five racks of shoes, five racks high. People are like, ‘Man, where’d you get all these shoes from?’”

And although he is single, the Detroit-native says his mind is nowhere near trying to find love. Being recently out of a relationship, House chose to focus solely on progressing in his career and giving back when he can.

“I feel that acting will allow me to be able to continue to make a difference. Like one girl who had a terrible attitude reached out [to me] and was like, ‘Hey House, I don’t fight anymore. I talk; I use my words.’ To me that’s more important than the acting.”

Last year, a source, who was hired to work on the VH1 set, told StraightFromTheA that Moore and McCoy are dating and as a matter of fact, Moore confirmed the relationship via Instagram. Get the full SCOOP HERE

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  • Anonymous
    May 3, 2014

    Oh yes….All this about my baby daddy from the D is False! Lisaraye is to old and not his type! Is hop and smooth king:-) !

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