What better way to start off Good Friday with some spiritual understanding.

People often ask; “Can you be spiritual if you’re dozing off during church seminars, uninterested in the scriptures, and constantly thinking about worldly matters? Well, the answer is “sorry,” there’s no right or wrong answer to that.

Sometimes being spiritually inclined doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be closed off to the world, but understanding what you should and should not do in order to walk a righteous path is always a good way to live in the eyes of God.

Below are five signs that will tell if you your more spiritually inclined than you know.

1. Not dwelling over spilled milk: Meaning, you tend not to harp about it.

Growing up, we would often hear our elders say, “if you are saying it, you’re most probably not it.” Likewise, spiritual people don’t claim to be spiritual. It’s a pathway of constant self-discovery and realization.

2. Channelizing Only Positive Energies

It’s like a knee-jerk reaction to real world problems, and the more we do it, the more we are likely to keep doing it. 

Thinking positive makes you feel positive, inviting only happiness into your aura. If you can control your emotions, connect with the spirits of the universe, resonating positive energies all around you, then you’re more spiritual than you think.

Instead of whining about the evils, you’ll focus more on being the change agent. The mere realization about this reality makes you more spiritual than most others. Because you’re not blaming it on others; you’re taking responsibility for your fair share of evil!

3. You are ‘INSPIRED’ by Nature

There’s nothing like revisiting your roots, experiencing nature in its original shape. Sometimes, just going out and observating the natural landscapes will inspire you, whether you believe it or not, you’re closer to self-actualization.

You use the natural balance to unwind, letting go of negative energies and replacing these with freshness, optimism and dedication. When you’re closer to nature, you’re closer to your spirit and soul!

4. Philanthropic Inclinations

You don’t need to be the person who gives all and keeps little (or nothing) for yourself. As mentioned previously, it’s the little things that count.

Via Dreamcatherreality says; If you’re helping one other individual at a time, then you have what it takes to connect with your soul and the spirits of the universe. You can easily register the presence of beings other than the human race, and always willing to help. It goes a long way to say about your ‘spiritual apex.’

5. Honoring Life and Truth

Every life is sacred, and deserves to be honored. In the same way, every truth deserves to be respected without adding little ‘white lies.’ If you are standing by your morals, principles and values, you’re definitely more spiritual than you think!

Just know that it’s okay to light a Candle or two, and have a Zen moment at least four times per month. Happy Good Friday Milan readers!

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