I swear dating over 30 is hard and while we won’t ever have the real reason, it’s always a sub for discussion.

When it comes to ‘blind dates’ our friends and family are usually the masterminds behind it all. It’s like an invasion of privacy and although we tend to say “no, I am not looking for anything serious at the moment,” keyword ‘serious’, our loved ones tend to skip that part and dive straight into the blind date interviews. It makes you wonder if they’ve ever stopped to think about how close is too close.

I’m dead serious. This past weekend, I chatted up a storm with one of my good Judy who told me that this certain friend is planning on moving back to his small town, which is mostly inhabited by his family. I indulged,” oh yeah? With his family?” my friend responded with, “No. By himself. He’s single.” I only met this friend during social gatherings when I was partying and drinking like a fish and in a very awkward phase and time and point in my life. Oh, I have locked away those memories. I remember him being very attractive, and always questioned why a single guy in his 30s would move back to a remote small town where there are no women to date. (He’s not gay, if he was, this would not be the town to be gay in). Anyways, ever since I met “this friend” my good Judy has dropped subtle hints to me that I should reach out to him but I always thought it was so weird cause “he’s straight?”

Either way, we’re both in our 30’s and single. My friend told me that because I am working remotely, I can temporarily move there this fall (2022) and just stay for the Winter. I’ve never been a fan of small towns, so I know I’d be miserable if I do.

So my good peeps, is this creepy? Or does it sound like a Hallmark movie? What’s your take on blind date setups?

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