We do live in a world that on most days screams “misogyny”.

“Don’t think [running] to another culture because you ain’t strong enough or man enough to get your own women to fail in line with your vision is going to change anything,” is definitely coming from a man that was raised right to respect women regardless of their ethnic background.

He’s right about constructive criticisms, sometimes is just the approach. According to the creator of this video, The Shumake Way:

Masculine women are a result of having too many feminine men and that’s just the bottom line. Too many generations of men being raised by their mom’s has caused this and we [have] to fix the damages while we still have a chance.

I wish that they would have an open mind, but it’s fine if they don’t. What they don’t realize is that I am totally invested in helping the black community come together and I am willing to face whatever comes with it. Black men and black women should not be trying to tear each other down. We need each other and I’m standing on that.

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