Keke Palmer Brings Her Black Girl Magic To ‘Strahan and Sara’

Keke Palmer is bringing her black girl magic to “Strahan and Sara” as she recently inked a deal to become the TV show’s third host.

According to Page Six:

Just months after renaming the show from GMA Day to Strahan and Sara in January, the talk show is making moves to improve its rating and signing Palmer will do just as the producers and creative directors planned.

“Palmer has demonstrated chemistry in multiple appearances with the two current hosts of Strahan and Sara. Bringing the 25-year-old aboard could widen the appeal of the show and potentially catch the interest of younger viewers.”

Reports Palmer, who will be co-hosting with Michael Strahan and Sara Hanies, has already covered a wide array of topics on the show, such as interviewing actress Bella Thorne, who detailed her complicated relationship with her mother.

So congrats KeKe! We’re definitely here for it!

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