Meet Europe's Richest Black Prince!

While fans continue to create buzz around Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby boy, some of that attention has since gone to an already reigning black Prince, who is Heir to Europe’s richest Royal fortune.

According to HipHollywood:

“Did you know that Meghan isn’t the only Royal in Europe who is “mixing” things up? There are several women of color who have married into Royal families on the continent and they have now produced offspring who are as royal as their lily white ancestors. So if you are wondering what it will be like for a child of color growing up as a possible heir to a throne, then look no further than Prince Alfons of Liechtenstein.

His mother is Princess Angela — who is Afro-Panamanian — is the first women of African decent to marry into a reigning European dynasty. In 2000 she married Prince Maximilian, from the tiny country and a year later Alfons was born.

Although it’s refreshing to see people of color “mixing” things up oversees, its just sad that it took this long for it to get some mainstream attention. You can read more HERE

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