Tips to Finding Online & Work From Home Gigs that Pays During Coronavirus Pandemic
Tips to Finding Online & Work From Home Gigs that Pays During Coronavirus Pandemic

There is absolutely no doubt that we are living in troubled times an since there’s yet to be a cure for the Coronavirus, working remotely appears to be the new normal even after the pandemic, whenever that may be.

So, how do you find a job without leaving the safety of your home or apartment?

While the coronavirus has many practicing social distance, it also has hundreds of thousands out of work and unsure what to do next and those bills will not pay themselves.

Well, we have found some promising jobs that will allow you to work from the comfort of your home — all while feeling safe and without putting yourself or your family’s health at risk.

Below are some of the most robust remote job search engine to help people from all backgrounds find work from home jobs.

Most Common Remote Jobs

In addition, we have all the resources outlined to help you survive this period of unemployment financially and a guide on what you should do next to secure a job.


Data Entry Associate Data entry is a job that can be done entirely online. The primary job of a data entry consultant is to input information into a database or other platform. The average annual salary for data entry is $33,000.

Medical Biller Coder Medical biller coders manage confidential health information making sure it is accurate. Medical billers navigate the complicated insurance and Medicare/Medicaid world. While many medical billing jobs require some type of certification or experience, there is entry-level work available. The average medical biller coder salary is $33,000/yr. Similar positions include medical coding technicians and healthcare information coders.

Customer Service Agent Customer service agents or customer service representatives handle customer complaints, process orders, and answer customer questions. Customer service agents work both over the phone and through chatboxes. There is also a lot of work for those seeking remote customer service work in answering and sending emails. A large portion of customer requests come through email platforms, and because they can be accessed from anywhere with the internet, remote agents are ideal candidates for handling those requests.Customer service agents only need a high school diploma and receive on the job training. 25% of customer service agents’ last job was cashier– meaning it is an ideal fit for a former retail worker looking for a remote job. The average salary of $30,000 a year.

Telemarketer Telemarketers (sometimes referred to as online sales representatives) make or receive inbound calls, using the phone to build customer relationships and sell goods or services. Telemarketers spend the vast majority of their day on the phone. This job is ideal for those who enjoy dealing with people and can handle calls that may turn unpleasant. Telemarketers can expect to earn $30,000 a year.

Virtual Assistant Virtual assistants perform routine secretarial duties, that include organizing files, scheduling events, support activities, and other tasks. While high school graduates can work as virtual assistants they need to be familiar with computer programs to land a job. The annual salary is $27,000.

Order Specialist The main job of an order specialist is to ensure customers receive their goods in a timely manner. Order specialists are in a customer-facing role, interacting with customers via email and over the phone. Order specialists typically only need a high school diploma and learn their skills on the job. While the average pay is $52,000 a year, entry-level workers can expect to earn less.

Online Tutor Online teaching and tutoring have become hugely popular ways of working from remote locations. As more and more cultures have the resources to learn different languages, the need for this type of position has skyrocketed. But languages aren’t the only thing that students are turning to the internet to learn and get help with. The main responsibilities of online tutors are to drill students in whatever they want to become familiar or proficient in, whether it be mathematics, language, history, etc. Online teachers are expected to uphold professional standards and be very familiar with the material they are teaching. Online tutors can expect to get paid anywhere from $10-$30/hr, depending on experience.

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