Actress LisaRaye Slams Nicole Murphy’s Alleged Married Man

Actress LisaRaye McCoy has had enough of mistress’ going after married men… including reality star and Eddie Murphy‘s ex-wife, Nicole Murphy.

As previously reported by Bossip, a series of damning photos hit the net of the “Training Day” director making-out with Murphy MULTIPLE times at a poolside in Italy. Nicole has since responded and claims the “it was a kiss on the cheek” and in fact, “they’re family friends and were just greeting each other.

Actress LisaRaye Slams Nicole Murphy’s Alleged Married Man

But Ms. LisaRaye isn’t buying it and chimed in via social media to say there was nothing “friendly” about the liplock and she’s publically claiming that Nicole has a history of messing with married men. Read more here >



Beyonce Nominated For 6 Emmys
Image credit: Bey’s Twitter Page

Also, Queen B is back in the news and she’s doing big things.

Beyonce has been nominated for SIX Emmys and we are definitely here for it. And although she’s never taken home a trophy, it’s looking like this may just be her year for the Queen B. The announcement comes just on the heels of the live-action Lion King release, where she stars as Nala, and her soundtrack single “Spirit”. Thanks to her multi-million dollar collaboration projects with Netflix and Disney, Beyoncé might just win an Emmy, Oscar, and Grammy in the same damn year. Read more here >.

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