Amber Rose & The Game Pays Tribute to Kobe Bryant by Getting Their Face Tatted

So how did Kobe Bryant‘s passing inspire Amber Rose and The Game to get face tattoos?

Amber Rose appears to be living her best life with a permanent face ink that she dedicated to her two sons, Sebastian and Slash and says Bryant’s death was her main inspiration.

Rose gave the unapologetic response to the criticism below:

“For the people that are telling me I’m too pretty for a face tat are the same people that would tell me that I’m ‘too pretty’ even if They thought I was ugly and lie to me Lol”


“You know, I gotta be honest. And I don’t want this to sound, like, corny or anything- but kind of after Kobe died, it made me reflect on my life. And I don’t want people to be like, ‘Oh, Kobe died and you got a tattoo.’ But it was kind of like that, because I thought about my dad- and my dad had cancer when he was 40. And he went through remission and he’s good, but he almost died. And I’m 36.”

The Game also dedicated his newest tattoo to the late NBA legend. On Wednesday (Feb. 12th), the rapper took to Instagram to share his tribute while rocking Bryant’s legendary original purple and gold jersey number, no. 8.

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I swear this foolerywang needs to stop!

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