We Dated then Found Out I Smashed His Ex- A Month Before

The dating scene hasn’t been fair to me at all. It’s like whenever I think I’ve found the one, something or someone comes along to ruin it before it could bloom into something beautiful.

So let me tell you about my recent encounter. I found a very attractive accountant guy named Michael that I have been dodging for months due to my strong feelings for my ex-boyfriend. Just so you know, starting over for me is like pulling teeth — I hate it. Anyways, I finally decided to talk to him after a month. I don’t know what persuaded me to do message him but I guess I got lonely and needed a new face to shine some light on my mood.

When I met Michael, I had to pinch myself because it was love at first sight. He’s educated, African but looks Dominican, and drives a Benz (GLE 450). The chemistry was instant, an I couldn’t help but think about the endless sex we’re going to have and so much more.

Our first date started off with him taking me to the service center to get my car checked out; he’s such a man’s man. He was very interactive with the mechanics to make sure that my car was in good hands. We later ventured off to AutoZone to buy floor flats, I know, lame, but his perfectly structured physique was all I could focus on. It gets even lamer, our next adventure was to get coffee at Dunkin, I offered to pay, what’s a mere $11? I wanted this man all for myself and needed to show him somehow. I figured paying for coffee would show him I’m considerate and it doesn’t get any better than this. HA!

We chatted about life, our wants and needs, and bad relationships. Little did I know, I had him right where I want him and he was feeling the same. Although I had things to do that day, Michael did everything to keep me around and suggested we get our cars washed. I said okay. I have a BMW so can you image these two luxury cars rolling up to the wash to get the VIP wash ($80) and he paid. I told Michael he didn’t have to but he insisted.

It was official! I wanted to know everything about this man and this man alone. We then planned a beautiful date night but little did I know, it was going to be a nightmare. We eventually met up later that evening as planned and I had no idea I was going to his ex’s house to drop off a package, and it’s for the same ex whom I dated a month before. Michael was very much still in love with his ex, who he says lies a lot and was HIV positive. I am pretty sure my heart stopped beating because I can remember not being 100 percent safe. At this point, tensions ran high, and I may have said some pretty hurtful things that I could never take back, and I was cool with it. I cursed his ex out for not telling me he was HIV positive and then told Michael I could take a UBer home but he said I don’t have to leave. The mix of emotions was a lot, and I didn’t know how to process it. But one thing was for sure, I found the nearest hospital and did an emergency HIV test, thankfully, I was negative. Blessings on blessings! Lesson learned and that slip up will never happen again.

The next day, Michael messaged me saying he had decided to get back together with his ex. I definitely didn’t see that one coming, but I wished him all the best. Looking back, if I hadn’t dodge this man, I would have had him before smashing his ex. Moral of this story, when the universe sends you someone, don’t delay it because of spilled milk, act now or you’ll definitely lose your chance.

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