Is it worth the trouble to break up someone else's relationship because you want to have what that couple has and will do anything to have it?

Is it worth the trouble to break up someone else’s relationship because you want to have what that couple has and will do anything to have it?

Let me start by saying this, it’s not worth it because you will have to deal with the guilt for the rest of your life knowing you broke up a happy home because you found it hard to find someone who was available and ready to settle down. If for any reason you go into someone’s home to snatch their lover away and was successful enough to do so, then that person was never truly happy in their relationship and I guess you can take credit for successfully being their lifeguard by rescuing them from a sinking ship. But if for any reason that was never the case, then Karma will be knocking at your door at some point in life.

Since social media (especially Instagram), homewreckers have been coming out the woodworks claiming taken/married folks for themselves and have no shame in making it known. There are so many burning questions like; How do you deal with them? How do you deal with that man or that woman that comes for your significant other relentlessly and unapologetically? Do you and your spouse/significant other become tighter over it or does it tear you apart? There’s no solid answer to those questions, but only to hope and pray your relationship can withstand such temptation.

While in most cases I’d agree, there are some that will still come for your significant other even when they are making it clear they don’t want them. For example, one of closest friend had this girl wreaking havoc on his relationship and he made it very clear, to the point of basically embarrassing this girl in public and till this day she swears they have a special connection claiming he just doesn’t see it yet. Wait, what? How crazy and delusional can one be? Unfortunately, that situation caused the demise of his relationship and his now ex-girlfriend was tired of that girl’s social media rants.

Just an ex who wouldn’t let go.

But from my conversation with my friend, he had really let things go, and he even told me when he was cheating any other time — hooking up with ole’ girl never came across his mind but she couldn’t get it through her head. I honestly don’t support his cheating ways, but this situation should have made his relationship stronger but it didn’t. I strongly believe that if you significant other can continuously prove that you have nothing to worry about, then you should actually believe them until proven otherwise.

Here’s another thing, this expression has never really made sense to me. Is your home really that happy if your significant other allows someone to constantly come between you both? He/she should not at the very least entertain the other person, if not sleep with them. Sometimes we all need to check our boo thang, because no one is going to keep calling/texting someone for no reason, in my opinion, unless someone had open that door. Then again, it takes us back to that one crazy person that not even a restraining order can fix. Especially if it has been going on for a long period of time.

Also, there are plenty of ways to block a person on social media or a cell phone, so there really isn’t any good excuse for them being in contact unless your partner wants them to be. If you had to ask me about my opinion on this, well honey, I’m convinced of one thing under such circumstances; it takes two to tango. I would just not fight for my partner as I would see it as an underlying reason why someone is pursuing relentlessly. I would just tell him that I think he should go on to the other as it seems that we are not going to work out. If this other person has more to offer or is willing to offer more than I am based on a strong desire to have him, I’d tell him to go for it without ever looking back because I won’t be here once they leave. I will even make it clear that I won’t use my resources to compete with someone else in order to hold onto him.

Moral of the story, it’s not worth it people, just leave that man or woman’s relationships alone. Go find you someone who is available and ready to mingle.

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