A 'Fool in Love' or 'Foolishly in Love'... Which one are you?

There’s a difference between being a “fool in love,” and “foolishly in love.” These days many of us ONLY used the phraseology “a fool in love” ever so often, and sometimes we are brutally honest to tell our friends and family — who are in rocky relationships — the same.

But what does it really mean to be a fool in love? It can either be; settling for the wrong person; being in an emotionally draining love triangle; being in a physically, mentally and verbally abusive relationship; or just being in a relationship that has no potential and you will forever be at a standstill. No growth!

The real question here is, is that what you really want? There’s no doubt that most of us tend to fall into very sticky situations, situations we’d never thought to be in, and getting out is far worse than getting in.

Here’s a prime example of a “fool in love.” Sasha has had countless doubts that Mike, her fiance, has been cheating on her but is too blind or too naive to believe it. One day her best friend, Kerry, saw Mike on a lunch date with a girl named Lisa, who definitely wasn’t Sasha. At first, the lunch date seemed innocent until Mike and Lisa showcased a little PDA. She quickly called up Sasha to let her know what Mike had been doing on his lunch break. As expected, Sasha, still being a fool in love, didn’t believe it and told Kerry her fiance would never cheat on her. Sometimes it’s best to listen and act smart rather than let these assumptions fall on deaf ears. Sasha eventually called Mike’s job, ding, ding, he wasn’t at work — she then gave Kerry’s cheating rumors some attention.

I don’t agree with snooping, but if your man is faithful, then his phone shouldn’t be off-limits. If the relationship is solid, to begin with, there shouldn’t be any secretes.

Sasha decided to wait for Mike to come home. She prepared his favorite meal and told him to take a shower. Within that 20 mins he took to shower, Sasha became a private investigator and searched his phone. She found texts between “Mike and Lil L;” and the messages entailed their lunch dates and spending time at the movies and other places. Confirming her suspicions, Mike and Sasha’s relationship was beyond repair.

Like Sasha, there are many women going through a similar situation but are too afraid to leave. Don’t be a fool in love, you are not only hurting yourself, but you are also putting your own life at risk.

Foolishly in Love

Foolishly in love is kind of similar to a fool in love, but the difference is that you question the relationship — not because of cheating — but because of how good the relationship by knowing its incompatibleness.

For example… Jodi, a native New Yorker, has been searching for love for the longest and after waiting for such a long time, found Sam, who she believes will be her guidance and protection that she yearned for. The relationship started off great and went on for months with little to no arguments. A match made in heaven, right? Wrong. Sam didn’t want a family, something that was very important to Jodi. He also hated kids and had a mean streak, but she turned a blind eye to his imperfections thinking he’d change over time.

As the months go by, Sam developed jealousy and questioned Jodi whenever she would ‘up and leave’ the house.  At first, Jodi found it to be a turn on and cute at the same time. But jealousy should never be taken lightly! Little did she know, he was becoming Mr. Wrong. His “protection” of her started to alarm her family. It wasn’t until he brutally attacked a man for looking at her that’s when she knew it was time to get out.  Over a short time, Jodi came to realize that she wore her heart on her sleeve and was still immature to see the signs. At least Jodi was smart to leave and not stay.

Now, based on Sasha and Jodi’s experience, which one are you?

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