This topic gave me the giggles and I guess you are wondering why. Well, a lot of us fall victim to society’s harsh body shaming because we are a few pounds over weight.

Fyi, never should you settle for whatever or whomever comes your way… just don’t!

Most people feel forced to lose weight because of how society views them, and body shaming — a serious topic on social media — may seem cliché, but some losers fail to realize that bodies come in all shapes and sizes. It’s just that a few particular body types are overwhelmingly over-represented in the media.

Yesterday, we received a fan-mail from Ariana about a guy she’s dating who didn’t want her when she was — let’s say THICK. Check out the ‘edited’ email below:

Dear PrinceMilan,
                    My name is Ariana, 27, and I am from Duluth, GA. I recently came across your blog through Google. After reading an #askmilan article about he’s not the one, I wanted to write to you to get some advice concerning a guy that I am currently dating.
                    Here’s the back story: For the past eight months, I’ve been dieting and working out at least three or four times per week and have lost over 40 pounds… looking better than ever. I never felt accepted by my peers and felt the need to lose some weight — mostly my love handles and little pooch. I even toned my thighs and re-shaped by arms.
                   Although I’m happy with my new body, I still have some unanswered questions concerning my relationship… I really don’t feel it’s genuine. The main reason, my current boyfriend, once never looked at me the way a man should look at a woman when we first met. I’m 5ft 4inch and was friend-zoned even after I told him I had a crush on him.
                   After he rejected me, I felt slightly depressed and decided to get a gym membership to look my best. At my age and still single, the least I could do is change my lifestyle and hopefully change John’s decision about being friends. Long story short, It worked!
                  Six months into my get fit plan, John told me I was looking good, took me to see a movie and I got my first kiss and it’s been good ever since. Do you have any advice for me? I would look to hear back from you.
                                                                                                       xoxo – Ariana.

Ariana, we often fall for the wrong ones but you are human and have the same blood running through your veins just like any other individual that continues to walk this earth. However, we tend to do stupid things, sometimes for the good and bad reasons. I assume you are a smart and beautiful girl that should never let a man depict your life… that’s just a no! no!.

I always ask myself and whomever I date, “would you still love [me] even if I gain an extra few pounds?“, and if he tells me, “yes,” then that’s a keeper. If “no”, then onto the next one. Never invest your time and energy into a jack a– that’s only here today and gone tomorrow.. He or she is not worth it! I am not saying you should break up with John, but really and truly, you should have left him in the friend zone.

It’s good that you’ve decided to take charge of your life, but I am sure that there’s a guy somewhere out there who will appreciate every thing you have to bring to the table other than just a great body.

Always remember, if you can take charge of your life, you are a force to reckon with. #Savage!

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