There are many women, even men too, who are in this predicament and this topic actually takes me back to are you a “fool in love” or “foolishly in love.”

It’s story time…

I was once in a happily committed relationship, oh well that’s what I thought, until one day my ex-boyfriend started to act funny and his “needs” and “wants” continuously plagued our relationship. No, I wasn’t being selfish and dismissing his ‘needs and wants,’ I just thought I was already overextending myself and giving him my all.

To this day, I lowkey blamed his therapist. B—h!

Moving on… I am not saying one person cannot have needs and wants but when you are in a relationship and giving it your all, the door for compromise should be open and if it’s halfway open, then that’s a problem.

So we would fuss and argue about who is paying what and what we both should be doing at any given time of the day. We, however, had good days and some bad, and sometimes the good trumps the bad. An then there are days when the bad overweighs the good. But we were foolishly in love and breaking up was not an option, when it really was!

Now it becomes a battle between the heart and mind, and we all know to fight with what the heart wants is a recipe for disaster so just be prepared for the outcome.

Long story short… We hit rock bottom when an innocent question about a thotty snap chat post turned heated. At that moment, we both had shut down and I was blamed for going home during that time, but I had to leave because it was best.

A cute face and nice smile sometimes aren’t enough to fight for a relationship… damn his smile was out of this world.

When you factor in how many times homie has cheated, tried to justify it by blaming the issues we had on me; it was then I realized this was going to be a reoccurring thing. I needed to leave, stat!

My advice to anyone going through a similar situation, know your worth, love yourself and never get trapped in a relationship that five years from now you are going to regret.

Stability and finances…

Men and women, mostly women, tend to focus more on finances; “When it’s good, it is really good.. maybe it’ll get better;” “How hard it is to start over and date someone new;” and stability. But it’s not worth your mental health. So pay very close attention to the signs and get out while you can!

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