Break up or NOT? My Boyfriend has Diarrhea at the Mouth

Short storytime…

My dating life literally sucked until seven months ago when I met my current boyfriend “Will”. Let me tell you, Will has everything a girl could possibly want, need and desire in a man but one thing that spoils it all… he has bad diarrhea at the mouth.

Here’s how it all started… I met Will through a mutual friend who spoke highly about him and said “we’d be perfect together” and although I thought he wouldn’t be down for a bougie chick like myself; I was wrong, he wanted me and I do mean all of me.**Cough, cough.* It wasn’t long before his fine ass was all up in my system.

So we talked, went on a couple of dates and connected on so many levels… it wasn’t long before I realized he was my soulmate. Now just after two months (sixty-three days, five hours, and twenty-five minutes) of dating, we decided to make it official. I thought he’d never cuff me already!

Nothing between us had changed except for our relationship status. But there was a new development in our relationship, I came to find out Will was very bad at keeping a secret and trust and believe he spilled every single detail of our sex life to his homeboys and family — he pretty much told my whole life story. I only found out during a conversation with one of his sister named Keisha who said; “Will told me your favorite color is pink, and your panty draw has a wide variety of ‘pink victoria secrets.” I quickly responded, “come again?” She repeated herself and my nieve self thought nothing of it because it seemed pretty harmless.

As the days rolled by, I kept hearing bits and pieces of the things Will was saying behind my back. Once again, it seemed harmless, but geeesh, everything we’ve talked about from favorite sexual position to weird fantasies was said to his family and friends. Now, my sex-life became a conversation starter whenever his family and friends came around and seemed even worse when his grandmother chimed in and revealed how she used to drop it back in the day, like what in the ghetto-hell, is this? Now you know my a** quickly had a sit down with Will to talk about our relationship, creating boundaries and what’s OFF TOPIC!

You might be saying that if he doesn’t already know how to act in a relationship then it’s too late to teach a grown man now. But in all honesty, Will is a great man, it’s just that he doesn’t know how to keep a secret to even save his life. But anyways, Will apologized for running his mouth but explained to me that he thought it was okay to brag about his [girlfriend] and promised it wouldn’t happen again. I, however, corrected him and said when it comes to bragging that’s fine, but when it comes to my/our personal life, that should remain between us.

That promise was short-lived. One night I decided to test Will by telling him I wanted to try anal sex and it didn’t take 24hours before his family knew I was a freak and every man’s fantasy. Now, I actually didn’t want to do anal, I just wanted to know if his family would get that tea too and apart of me was rooting for bae, but to no surprise his noisy sister texted me saying, “girl you so freaky!” Really, why are you messaging me??? I honestly wanted to tell her to mind her business but I put her on timeout, ignored the message and kept it moving.

I confronted Will again and this time threatened to leave his fine a**. That right there had a brother shook… since then he hasn’t gone out giving in-depth details about our relationship but he’s still spilling some tea.

Also, if anyone has some advice for me, please let me know in the comments below…

FYI: Breaking up with Will is and will never be an option because this man knows how to treat a lady and worships the ground I walk on. Y’all might be saying “yeah, she’s d–kmatize,” I can assure you, I AM! And I am not leaving this good d–k, I just have to figure out a way to train him on how to keep secrets.

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