Cheated on my boyfriend with a married man

It was the summer of 2014 when I first met this handsome guy named Terry, he was perfectly designed from head to toe, but the only problem, “I was in a committed relationship.”

I had met Terry through a mutual friend at a house-warming party. He approached me and sparked a conversation over “recycled milk bottles.” Corny, I know, but this man was everything I had dreamed about since I hit puberty. Don’t judge me.

SO, we exchanged numbers and as crazy as this might sound to you, I wanted to talk more about going green and of course, recycled milk bottles over coffee. I was low-key having harmless phone conversations with Terry that in time turned into him giving me innocent compliments about my photos on Instagram, and how he liked the way I smile. I blushed every time. Lord knows it was wrong, but it felt so right.

I  was still in love with my boyfriend at the time, but I wasn’t in love, love with him. I felt bad for leading him on but I was willing to settle. Big mistake. As our conversations and outings progress, Terry told me one night that he loved me and I said, “I love you too.” It was the infatuation in me that spoke that lie and believe me when I say that did not come from the heart nor mind.

I started to mistreat my boyfriend and did things with hopes he would break-up with me. I didn’t want to be the one to call it quits. I cursed at him, our sex life became non-existent and we grew apart (well I did) within a matter of months. Keep in mind, Terry nor my boyfriend knew about each other and I had planned for it to stay that way until I figured out how I would tell them both. While reading this, I know you’re probably saying I am a bad person, but quite honestly, we’ve all done some ish we wish we could take back and have look back and said, “wtf was I thinking??!!”

Anyways… One day, I decided to tell my boyfriend I had been cheating on him with Terry, as expected, the conversation didn’t go too well. To see a grown man in tears, shock the Virgo in me, and all I could do was beg for forgiveness. This took some time to move on from, and this man later forgave me. That spoke volumes! You know looking back at it, I could have just got up and left and went straight to Terry, but my heart and mind wouldn’t allow me to do it.

What’s wrong with me? Why would you do that to a person? You might ask.

Well, I was young and do look back at it as a learning experience and have vowed to never play with another guy or any guy for that matter, emotions.

But it doesn’t stop there. I also told Terry about my boyfriend and to my surprise, his response was, “… that’s cool, I have a HUSBAND, but we can make it work.” Hold up, “WHAT????“. Yeah, Terry had a whole husband at home and was comfortable disclosing that information to me without any remorse. He went on to say that they have an open marriage and house rules. At that point in time, every manner of evil ran through my mind such as, “dropkick, stomp that a**”; “Watch him drink acid and die”, and; “Chop his manhood off and feed it to him.” But I eventually calmed my thoughts and gently got up and walked away. We never spoke again, and of course, he did reach out to me, but lines of communication were going to be cut either way.

Terry was ultimately the perfect man, but the perfect man sometimes isn’t the perfect man because they tend to come with a deep dark past, married, childhood problems and BAD AURAS.

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