We all have that one friend who doesn’t know how to act, and it’s so bad that you can’t have them as a “wing-man.”

If you’ve notoriously broken the guy code at some point in your life, then here’s what you can do to “possibly” make up for that and get back on track and on your friends’ good graces.

1) Your friend’s sister is off limits: Unless you see and hear wedding bells, under no circumstances you should try and holla at your friend’s sister. Your friend is like family and so their family ultimately becomes your family. So, looking at their family in a sexual way is just “wrong.”

2) Greet your friend appropriately: This means a hug cannot come before a handshake and definitely no high fives or fist bumps. You don’t want to give the wrong first impression because whatever you do on the first meet will always be a lasting first impression.

3) Your wing-man duties: If you have a girlfriend and one night you decided to hit up a nightclub with your friends, automatically you have been given the job as a wing-man. Now, it becomes your duty to support your friends until they achieve their ultimate goal — as long as it’s consensual by both individuals.

4) Don’t let your friend drive home drunk: If you value your friendship and your friend’s well-being, don’t let them drive home … pay for a cab and hand him the receipt in the morning.

5) Your his best man, that means the best stripper: You have been given the title of best man at your friend’s wedding, so it’s your job to plan the bachelor party and go over the party list. This means, regardless of what he says, you must provide him with a stripper and there should be no mention what happened on that one last night of freedom.

6) Don’t ask a girl to pay on the first date: You cannot ask a female on a date and expect her to flip the bill. That’s a NO NO! If it’s a mutual decision, then you can go dutch on the bill.

7) Back up your friend when needed: If your friend gets into a heated argument and there’s no way to calm the situation, then “we going to jail today best friend” kicks in. Well not necessarily, just throw some punches and get stepping with your best friend before the cops roll up.

8) Most friends tend to do this, telling people how many girls you’ve been with. Maybe it’s probably an impressive number, but no one cares and that makes both ya’ll look like hoes. Just don’t do it.

9) Don’t give another man advice unless he asks you and you’ve been through a similar situation: Giving out unsolicited advice makes you sound like a douche, and trying to lead that man down the wrong path will cause rips in the friendship later on. Don’t do it!

10) Lastly, never ditch your friends for a girl: Unless, she’s been on your mind for weeks and everyone is aware, never leave your friends hanging.

Note: Friendships are very important and should be treated like gold.

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