Women On Why They Attract Broken Men - Why women attract Broken Men...

So, I came across this really interesting article on why women attract broken men, and it appears to be a trend in this day and age. Girls like bad boys in general.

The article was about a woman who is currently dating a trainwreck of a man and one of the main things that put a damper on their relationship is the constant arguments over the smallest things. BUT, the fights are never caused by her, it’s always her boyfriend.

Although her boyfriend disappoints her all the time, or she just has a terrible mood swing in which her friends tries to point out, she would fixate on proving the fights are his fault. Now, if you should ask me who’s fault it is, I’d say it’s her fault. If the man, whom you call a boyfriend or husband, is so problematic, why do you continue to entertain his shenanigans? And why did you chose him in the first place?

Did you know that real chemistry requires a lot of patience? Unfortunately, one must achieve and exercise a certain level of maturity to be patient enough to find a good relationship with someone who is stable. When you get two stable people together, it isn’t going to necessarily be fireworks and explosive chemistry right out the gates. Both people are pretty calm. It takes more time to unearth that chemistry. If you haven’t reached that level of maturity, you won’t be patient enough to discover the chemistry that can be there with a stable and healthy individual, said MN.

Ladies, the moral of this article is if you should ever meet a guy and as the relationship progresses and you already see signs of red flags, it’s either you address them right there and then, or gently let the man know, “we’re better off as friends.

Never rush into anything just because you feel “this is as good as it gets.” The dating scene is TERRIBLE but there’s always a diamond in the rut. And, try not to push the issue too much, take your time in exploring and figure out what you truly desire in a man.

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