In light of Alabama’s recent bill to ban all abortions, actress and singer, KeKe Palmer, has joined the #Youknowme anti-abortion movement that allows women to share their own abortion stories without feeling ashamed.

Last year, Palmer, who got pregnant during her stay in Europe, tweeted:

“I was 24, in Europe, very far away from home. I was worried about my career responsibilities and afraid that I could not exist as both a career woman and mother.🖤#YouKnowMe

The star, now 25, deleted the tweet afterward and explained to fans that Twitter is not the best place to share personal information.

Palmer added:

The hashtag was created by 39-year-old actress, Busy Philipps, who also opened up about her abortion at 15, to encourage other women to support each other and share their abortion stories.

According to CBS News, the restrictive Human Life Protection Act was signed into law by Governor Kay Ivey — not only prohibits abortions — but it also penalizes doctors who go through with the procedure. An abortion is now considered as a Class A felony in Alabama, and doctors can face up to 99 years in prison for performing it.

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