#AskMilan: Am I Wrong For Crushing on my Boyfriend's BestFriend? #ForbiddenFruit

It’s like the great saying, “shorty looks good but his best friend looks better!” 😉

It’s the New Year and what better way to ring in a new decade with a new boo lmao, like literally. So it’s the usual, going through our mailbox and found an email from Kelly (not her real name) asking for advice on having feelings for her boyfriend’s fine best friend. Her words, not mine. So here we go.

“Dear PrinceMilan,

First off, I want to say I love love your blog, and I figured my current story will be relatable/fitting and your readers can relate somehow. So, I have been dating my current boyfriend Mark for about a year now, and it’s been great so far until his fine a** best friend (Robert) came into the picture — more often than usual. At first, I didn’t see him as a threat until we all decided to go on a quick getaway to Miami. I mean, this was my very first trip with Mark and Robert so I was super excited to spend time with my man. And to finally get to see him outside of his element with Robert. We finally arrived at our South Beach hotel in Miami, and had connecting rooms so Robert was just a door away if we needed to see him. It was time to turn up an Mr. Robert went to his room looking like an average guy and re-emerged looking like a whole snack… Rico Suave at his best! I tried not to stare too much but it was so freaking hard not to and I kept dropping hints that I was into him but kept saying to myself; “Kelly, he’s the FORBIDDEN fruit.”

To interject: Forbidden fruit indeed!!! Carry on…

To intensify the feeling and emotions that came over me, lead me to Rob’s room to chit chat for a bit while my boyfriend had gone to the ice machine to get ice and snacks from the vending machine in the hotel’s lobby. I know I shouldn’t but I could not help myself. My body was in heat and if Rob would just slide his fingers in me one good time, there’s no telling what would happen next. But not to sound too raunchy or sl*tty, Robert was very loyal to his friend and I was his bestfriend’s girl so there’s no telling what how he would have reacted if I came onto him. Worst case scenario: ‘I could potentially lose my man, and get labeled a cheater and a h*e.’ And good case scenario, ‘get a one night stand with Robert that we’ll never speak of but would reminsce on how good it felt.’ But it still wasn’t enough time to lay it low and spread it wide with my boyfriend gone for only a few minutes and could potentially pop in at anytime.

Robert was and still is a complete gentleman and altough I was in his room, on his bed, with my legs half open and being flirtatious, he still didn’t make a pass at me or made any sexual gestures (even though I wish he would have) and that goes to show his level of self control. Long story short, I won’t further act on it, but I do wish I was dating by boyfriend’s best friend. Any advice for me Prince Milan?

XoXo Kelly.

Well, Kelly, having a crush on your significant other’s friend doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person. We are all human and aren’t perfectly made no matter how much we tell ourselves we are. Looking from the outside in, hearts are involved and as long as you don’t act on these feelings then you should be fine. I would, however, suggest you refrain from even telling either one about your feelings because that can cause a rift in Mark and Robert’s long-standing friendship or cost you your relationship. And also, try to focus your attention on your boyfriend and less on Robert and in time, I am sure these feelings will go away.

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