Bobbi Kristina's Boyfriend Nick Gordon Dies from Suspected Drug Overdose

Nick Gordon has reportedly faced the same faith as his ex-girlfriend Bobbi Kristina who is the daughter of the late music legend, Whitney Houston.

Gordon, who was found legally responsible for Kristina’s death –was found dead in his Florida home, says his brother, Jack Walker Jr., who shared the news on social media Wednesday. He wrote:

“GOD WHY I DID I HAVE TO LOSE MY BROTHER ON NEW YEARS,” and adding … “All I can do is cry.” He later shared a tribute post with several photos of himself with Nick.

According to TMZ:

It appears Gordon was hospitalized for a short time before his death … Walker says he was at his brother’s bedside and spoke to him in his final moments. Reports say Gordon died of a suspected drug overdose.

As you’ll recall … Gordon and a friend found Houston and Bobby Brown‘s daughter face down in a bathtub on January 31, 2015, and she was placed in an induced coma. Brown suffered irreversible brain damage and remained unresponsive, and passed way in hospice care on July 26, 2015.

If you can remember… 30-year-old Gordon was sued by Kristina’s family for her wrongful death, and he was found responsible by a Judge in September 2016 when he did a no-show in Court. He was later ordered to pay her estate $36 million.

And of course, he was also under criminal investigation for her death when he was accused of domestic violence with his new girlfriend … but the case was later dropped, reports TMZ.

Gordon had reportedly moved to Orlando a few months ago to turn over a new page.

RIP Nick.

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