Seriously, when it comes to dating and/or relationships it’s like walking on eggshells because we try to avoid messing up a ‘good thing’ as many of us tend to say way too often.

Let’s be honest, often times we settle by rushing into an unhealthy situation because the thought of being alone makes life not worth living let alone enjoyable. Too many women are willing to settle or are way too generous in seeing the “potential” in their man. But, the problem with that is this: If your man can’t see his own potential, he’s never going to meet it yet alone your standards.

SIDE NOTE: Your soulmate shouldn’t be someone you’re settling for. He or she won’t need you to see his or her potential because they’ll already see it for themselves.

Here are some signs that will tell you he’s just not the one:

1) You’re always putting on an act: At no point during the relationship, you should feel like you can’t be yourself. This is a sign that he is not your soulmate! Not only is this a continuous issue, but it will eventually manifest into “resentments.”

2) He’s secretive: If you’re with a man that makes decisions or avoids telling you something based on how he thinks you’re going to react, then he basically took away all of your choices and will never give you the benefit of the doubt. Many times, we make choices based on past experiences. It’s not fair to you for him to assume you will react to something the same way his ex would have reacted. And if he constantly reminds you “I am seeing patterns in our relationship that reminds me of my ex,” then it’s time to address it or get out!

3) He’s there but…: If you’re in a relationship with someone who isn’t listening to you or honoring you and your needs but tells your “I am here though,” then it is time to run for the hills.

4) You’re always #1: Being in a relationship doesn’t give anyone the right to decide on who’s always number one. Dating someone that expects you to devote yourself to them at all times, they are definitely not your soulmate! If you are in a relationship where the other is always number one, then you’re going to live your life being controlled by your partner. This is facts. A relationship is an equal partnership and should be treated as such.

5) He’s always #1: If you are interested in a guy who puts you on a pedestal, please be cautious! You could end up with a broken heart! The tables can also turn. Never be with someone that expects you to completely devote yourself to them.

6) He lets you walk all over him, definitely, he is not your soulmate: One of the main purposes of being in a relationship is that our partner challenges us to be the best version of ourselves. If he is willing to be submissive and do and say whatever you want, he’s not empowering you. Being there just to be there, that’s not a good situation to be in. It then becomes and feels like a dictatorship. I too have been in situations like this and had to quickly remove myself. Yes, we all want to be adored and treated like royalty, but you should want your man to act like a king, and not a doormat.

7) Lastly, he brings out the crazy Michael Myers in you: I am not saying women can’t be a bit emotionally unstable on their own, but we all have that crazy side that sometimes comes out oh so ever often during a toxic relationship. When we tell our spouses what’s going, and they tend to don’t take us serious that’s when you have to realize you have one foot in the relationship and one foot out. Then resentments start to kick in! That bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly usually results in a bad breakup.

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